• The Blasket Islands (Next Parish America)

The Blasket Islands

Next Parish America

The beautiful Blasket Islands off the southwest coast of Ireland though no deserted, once sustained a thriving community. It was a hard life, struggling to make a living from the poor land and the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But the islanders also had a unique tradition. Dependent on each other for survival and entertainment, they developed a rich culture of storytelling that produced the literary talents of Tomás Ó'Criomhtháin, Peig Sayers and Maurice O'Sullivan, and attracted Celtic scholars from all over the world.

Joan and Ray Stagles were fascinated by the Blaskets from their first visit in 1966, and spent many years compiling a history of the island. They spoke to the ex-islanders, traced family genealogies, researched the housing and intricate field systems. The Blasket Islands is the result of that research and includes a moving account of the trauma of the Famine in the 1840s and the slow erosion of the island's unique culture to that bleak day in 1953 when the Blaskets were finally abandoned. It is illustrated with maps and evocative photographs.

Visitors today can learn more about the Blaskets at The Great Blasket Centre in Dunquin, Dingle, Co. Kerry and can take the local ferry service across to explore the deserted village.

Book Details
Title The Blasket Islands
Subtitle Next Parish America
Author Joan & Ray Stagles
Publisher O'Brien Press
Edition 4th
Release Date 2006
Map Details 4 Overview Maps of County Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula and the Blaskets as well as 5 Detail Maps of the Field Systems
Printed Pages 144 Pages
Size 24.0cm x 17.0cm
Postal Weight 385g

The Blasket Islands (Next Parish America)

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