Delivery Information

Accepted Payments

PayPal is the chosen method for handling online payments through the website. In addition to users holding PayPal accounts, it is also possible to pay with a MasterCard, Visa, American Express or 3V voucher. If PayPal is problematic for you, please contact us and we can try to arrange an alternative method for payment. Once payment has cleared, the order is usually sent out in the post within one working day.

Delivery Details

Whilst we do our best to keep all items on the website in stock, we may occasionally need to order in more. If your order is urgent, please feel free to email and check if we have your in stock. 

Orders are generally packed in slimlined padded envelopes with the exception of flat maps which must be rolled and sent in a cardboard postal tube. Bulk trade orders are sent packed in a box. Once an order has been despatched, a confirmation email will be sent with an indication of the expected delivery date. We do not use tracking on our orders as it would dramatically increases the delivery costs, which would ultimately be passed on to the consumer.

All of our orders are sent through our reliable Irish postal service, An Post. Using a postal service prevents customers from needlessly waiting around for a courier to arrive. Where possible, larger orders are broken down in size to fit into smaller packages of under 500g. Not only does usually mean a cheaper postal rate but also that they can fit through a standard letterbox. You will not come home from work to find an 'attempted delivery' note telling you to pick up your package from your local postal collection point.

Postage Fees

All orders are sent by Standard Post from Ireland. Items generally leave the building around lunchtime. This means that any fresh orders coming in before 12.00 GMT may make it in time to be sent out the same day.

The postage fee for each order is calculated by weight. Most orders fall into one of two postal rates. 100g-250g packages would typically include 1-3 maps or else 1 guidebook. 250g-500g packages would generally have 3-5 maps or else 1-2 guidebooks.

Here are the most common countries that we ship to with an estimated delivery time (in working days) and the likely postal rates (1st March 2022).

Country 100g-250g 250g-500g Estimated Delivery
Austria €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
Australia €9.00 €13.00 6-8 Working Days
Canada €8.00 €10.00 6-8 Working Days
Denmark €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
Finland €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
France €5.00 €6.50 3-4 Working Days
Germany €5.00 €6.50 3-4 Working Days
Iceland €5.50 €7.00 4-6 Working Days
Ireland (Republic) €2.95 €3.85 2-3 Working Days
Italy €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
Netherlands €5.00 €6.50 3-4 Working Days
New Zealand €9.00 €13.00 6-8 Working Days
Northern Ireland €2.95 €3.85 2-3 Working Days
Spain €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
Sweden €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
Switzerland €5.50 €7.00 4-5 Working Days
United Kingdom €5.00 €6.50 3-4 Working Days
United States €8.00 €10.00 6-8 Working Days